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Fetish Carvings & Kachina Dolls

Fetishes are amazingly made and have been used by the American Indian tribes for over a thousand years. It is believed by the Indians that all stone or shell has a ‘spirit’ before it is carved. They are carved from rocks or fossils and usually from turquoise, jet, alabaster, malachite, amber, coral and serpentine. Shells have also been known to have been used; these include abalone, mother of pearl, cowry to name but a few. The most frequently used are the hunting Fetishes, which the Indians use to bring luck to the hunt. These would usually be an animal of prey or of an animal with a recognised skill; these fetishes would also have a “prayer bundle” on its back. These “prayer bundles” would consist of fur, twigs, stones, beads and arrowheads, which would be as a bundle or left separately as one. These fetishes belong to an entire tribe and the Navajo and Zuni have always made their own. Indeed, from the spirit of the stone a life is carved and born to become a ‘living fetish’ to all who own them.

KACHINA translated “Spirit Being” Centuries ago, native American Indians began carving Kachina dolls as teaching tools for the children. The elders came forth from the “Kiva” or ceremonial room whereupon they communicated with the spirits. What the spirits taught the elders were then illustrated to others through the spirit Kachina doll carvings.

Zuni Fetish Carving - Turtle - SOLD

Pure craftsmanship, beautifully made Signed by the artist

Zuni Fetish Carving - Turtle - SOLD (Zuni Fetish Carving - Turtle)

Fetish Carving - Bear - Reserved

Beautifully made Fetish Carving with Arrowhead bundle on his back.

Fetish Carving - Bear - Reserved (Large Bear Fetish)

Fetish Carving - Bear - Reserved

Beautifully made Fetish Carving with Turquoise arrow on his side.

Fetish Carving - Bear - Reserved (Small Bear Fetish)